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The Machine Project

The Machine
- international theatre workshop and residence
- a place to work and rest off the beaten track

In the forrests of Riddarhyttan, we are now building The Machine which is a meeting complex consisting of The Machine Theatre, The Amphi Machine, The Machine House and The Machine Residence.

Our architect is Axel Tangerding of Meta Theater in Moosach.
Together we are now developing a meeting place in Bauhaus tradition which will open in 2010.

The Machine is situated on the slope down to the water and is a place for concentration and focus in the middle of the forrest.
The Machine is a place for artists, writers, producers as well as cross-sectorial initiatives who seek another kind of workspace for research, new meetings and active rest.
In the Machine there will be an action space, 10 x 10 metres with moveable seats. Light and soundsystem, guestrooms, kitchen and a small studio.
Outside: the Amphi theatre and the lake.

Would you like to know more? Are you interested in being part of our network? Would you like to sign up for using the space in 2010?

You are most welcome to contact us

Anders Olsson
0046-222-131 61
0046-76-766 12 23




Phone: +46-222 - 13161 | Mobile: +46-70 - 6811481
Teatermaskinen Skrappbo skola S- 73091 Riddarhyttan Sweden